Quality management

We strive to constantly develop our knowledge in the field of quality management and invest in the latest solutions and equipment.

We employ highly qualified people in the quality management department, and extensive equipment in measuring devices guarantees the quality control of products at the acceptance, storage, production and completion stages.

Since 2008 ELGO has the ISO 9001 Certificate issued by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH.

Examination of elemental composition XRF X-200 SDD Spectrometer Alloy Analyzer

We have the latest generation portable XRF spectrometer (X-ray fluorescence) with excellent measurement parameters, which works well both in the laboratory of the quality department and in field analyzes.

It is the most powerful equipment available on the market. It allows you to identify 90% of all alloys.

Elemental composition test with an XRF spectrometer

In addition to the standard base of elements, it allows measuring the content of sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, aluminum, etc.

Testing the products we provide with a spectrometer allows us to precisely determine the type of steel used, and thus provide the customer with the highest quality. A report is available from every performed study.

ApplicationBeam 1 (40kV)Beam 2 (10kV)
Alloy metalsTi, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Y, Zr, Nb, Mo, W, Ta, Hf, Re, Au, Pb, Bi, Ru, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, SbMg, Al, Si, P, S

Badanie składu chemicznego stali

The spectrometer is used on the basis of permit No. D-21133 issued by the National Atomic Energy Institute.

Available certificates

At the request of our clients, we issue the necessary certificates confirming the quality and compliance of the delivered goods.

Deklaracja zgodności

Declaration of compliance

declaration by the manufacturer, his authorized representative or importer stating on his sole responsibility that the product complies with the essential requirements.

Deklaracja jakości

Declaration of compliance with the order 2.1

in this document the manufacturer declares that the delivered products comply with the requirements specified in the order. The test results on products or samples from a batch of products are not given.

Świadectwo odbioru

Inspection certificate 3.1

in this document the manufacturer declares that the delivered products are compliant with the requirements specified in the order. Research results are included. The scope of tests depends on the type of product, current standards or requirements specified in the order. Approval 3.1 usually contains material grade, melt number, chemical composition and mechanical properties test results. All requirements for additional tests must be specified in the order.

Świadectwo odbioru

Inspection certificate 3.2

it is a document prepared by an authorized representative of the manufacturer's control, independent of the production department and an authorized representative of the contracting authority or inspector specified in official regulations. It states that the delivered products comply with the requirements given in the order and give the test results.