Flexibility and adaptation to the customer's needs are the basic principles that guide our sales department.

Therefore, we are able to offer our customers a lot of additional services, and at the customer’s request we can make individual changes to the products we supply.


Anticorrosion protection

Galvanizing is the most durable, safe and economical way to protect steel. It is also environmentally friendly and ensuring anti-corrosion coatings with high technical and aesthetic values. It is an energy-saving technology that significantly extends the life of objects.

We offer various types of galvanizing adapted to the customer’s needs:

  • Galvanized zinc
    this way, fasteners will not only be well protected against corrosion, but will also look nice. We offer galvanic coatings with passivation in white, yellow and black.
  • Hot-dip galvanized zinc
    hot dip galvanizing is the most popular, long-lasting and cheapest way to protect against corrosion. Depending on the degree of environmental aggressiveness, the durability of the zinc surface can range from approx. 20 to 60 years.
    Galvanized surfaces can be additionally painted. Moreover, hot-dip galvanizing does not change the properties of steel.
  • Tinning
    covering metal surfaces with a protective tin coating; tin coatings work well as a conductor, for example in the electrical industry.
  • Lamellar coatings (flake)
    technology that gains more and more recognition, especially in the area of fasteners, ie bolts, screws, nuts, springs, buckles, etc. It is a combination of base and sealing coatings with appropriate properties, characterized by high corrosion resistance. This method is particularly used by suppliers operating in the area of new technologies (automotive, aviation, etc.). Available coatings: Delta Protect, VH300/301/331/332, DeltaColl 80 Black, Magni 565 (Basecoat B46 + Topcoat B18), Magni 560, Magni 594 (Basecoat B46 + Topcoat TO6E-GZ), Geomet Dacromet, Zintek 200/300B, Zintek Top LV / LF / LL (topcoat) Techseal Silver/Black.
  • Pre-coated coatings
    threadlocker, such as 3M Scotch-Grip® 2353 and 2510, Precote® 30, 80, 85, Dri-Loc Plastic®, Dri-Loc®.

An organic sealer, which has a specific coefficient of friction, can also be applied to the coatings.

For the products we supply, we can also offer marking, shortening, necking, milling, lathing and more.

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